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The Norman Fox Missionary Cause was founded by Rev Norman Fox in June 2003, after twenty three years of pastoral ministry. God blest those years when many precious souls were saved and some called to full time service. 

Then God called Norman to serve Him in Eastern Europe, especially in Romania which he had visited on many occasions.

The call was answered and the Cause was formed. Today the Cause is administered by a small committee of dedicated people.The aim of the Cause is to spread the true Gospel of our God to as many people as possible in Eastern Europe, concentrating in the remote villages of Romania.

There we have found many in darkness, young and old who do not know the true gospel. Some have never heard this glorious message. We are committed to evangelising there and helping to support the Lord’s servants in as many ways as possible Norman’s motto is to ‘wrap the Gospel up in a sandwich’ and that is exactly what he does.

Food and clothing programmes for the street children and poor of the local villages are well received; but even better than that is the fact that the children and young people listen intently to God’s word and their need of a Saviour.

There is also opportunity to visit with the children at the local hospital and to bring them fresh clothing.

Norman writes “We helped them with soup, clothes and other needs. One asked for pampers for the baby, another needed medicine and one young man asked for vitamins as he is HIV positive (so sad).

It was also sad to see small children and babies living rough on the streets – maybe sleeping underground down the manhole. Others sleep in railway carriages or in the local park.

We always remind them that God loves them and Jesus who died can change them. It is a great witness for God, this needy work. Each visit we have the opportunity to go to the hospital for sick children, for whom we buy pyjamas, Bibles, food and other gifts. We encourage the two believers who carry on the Christian witness in this hospital.”