Our Workers:

The Norman Fox Missionary Cause works in 3 areas and has various full time workers, here is an introduction to each of them.

Marianna & Laurentiu in Bucharest
Have 3 children. We were introduced to them when they were students with CEF and on placement in the Fagaras area they then felt God calling them to come and join the Norman Fox Missionary Cause.

They work in the capital, big, busy city of Bucharest primarily doing children's Bible clubs, and assisting mama Ina with the street people.

Mama Ina grew up as an orphan, when she grew up she saw the street people from the tram, felt God calling her to work with them and has been doing so ever since. Mama Ina is a lady in her 70's the street people love her and she loves them. She helps them practically by feeding them and bringing The Gospel to them.

Next area is Fagaras 4/5 hours from Bucharest, a mountain area. Florina works here she is a CEF worker but CEF were unable to pay her petrol so we have sort of adopted her and pay her petrol etc and keep her car repaired. She meets up to 600 children per week in the poor villages travelling many miles and not on good roads.

We then travel on up to the North East part of the country to Iasi where Cristi and Denisa work. They have a young son called Daniel.

Cristi was introduced to the work of the cause as a young boy in 2001 when he was at a camp sponsored by NFMC and he got saved.

He then studied at Irish Baptist College in N. Ireland and has since returned to his home country and town to work there. This area is very orthodox similar to Roman Catholic religion. It is a very hard area with less than 2% Christians.

Cristi pastors a little Church there and does some youth ministry, Bible study with a group of workers in a wedding shop with orthodox workers and camps in the summer.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!!